Kaafila Project Updates – 7Aug2023

Hello Folks, how are you doing? We wanted to share the following updates with you and all Kaafila (KFL) members.

Based on survey of 200+ team members linked to Kaafila project, we created a list of courses or education that was in high demand. Top 3 topics/areas were: Programming courses for E-commerce, AI and Blockchain, Startup/Business Management courses, English for Business Communications. So we will deliver courses on all these topics.

As part of our goal to offer free and low cost education, we are going to launch an a comprehensive online business course with exams and certificate (for below $100) and also offer a free Lite version of that course with its own exam and certificate. Many people have expressed interest in this course, so it will be one of the main offerings of Kaafila in the near term.

In addition, we have also created a Blockchain course, which will be offered for free along with exam and certificate. This may go live after the business course described above.

A course on basics of algorithms, software, and Python programming is also under development, and we will take it forward after making the above two courses live.

In addition to courses with certificates, Kaafila also has a focus on Internships. And you will be happy to know that we have offered 20+ internships to since Jan 2022.

Kaafila Metaverse is under development using the grants from Polygon and Amazon (AWS). Virtual Classroom and Virtual Store are under development in the Kaafila Metaverse. However, our lead metaverse developer based in Iran is facing hurdles in computing power and it will get funded/solved once we get some income from the above courses.

Our Virtual Store can be of interest to all companies that are selling their products online, so it can create its own income stream once its live. We already have two e-commerce companies as potential customers of our Virtual Store in Kaafila Metaverse. This can move forward once we get new income for the project as mentioned above.

Our Virtual Classroom will be used for delivery of courses once its live, and they will be also posted on YouTube. We strongly believe that free education offered by Kaafila project will create significant goodwill for the project and KFL token, and our paid courses and services will also get customers.

Overall, Kaafila project is working on a few different fronts to move forward. Thanks!
Best Wishes,

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