Kaafila is a decentralized Media & Education platform built on blockchain. The project is growing with the combined efforts of team members based worldwide, who are all motivated by the project vision of creating a world-class platform for learning and professional development that can be useful to all people worldwide, irrespective of their income and background. Kaafila aims to grow using all forms of digital media, including NFTs. And we are constantly adding new team members every week.

Shankar AVSB
Position: Founder & Director
Shankar has a keen interest in software, and the use of AI in financial markets, knowledge management, and innovative systems for learning and professional development, which has helped in creating the vision for Kaafila. Over last 20 years, he has helped hundreds of youth in their careers, and supported many entrepreneurs in different capacities. As a founder of Kaafila, Shankar has developed key elements of the project vision and project goals, to help millions of students and youth worldwide with zero cost learning and certification, using the power of online video, digital media and blockchain. Shankar is also the Director of Jupiter Ventures, which develops trading systems for financial markets, and investment models with S&P500 and Nasdaq indices. He has been involved in a wide range of software, blockchain, and biotech projects. He has a strong interest in financial markets, mainly index futures trading and technology investing, and regularly shares his analysis and views on Twitter:

Ethan William
Position: Founder & Director
Ethan William has keen interest in cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects. He has worked as Director of Business Development for Jupiter Ventures for more than 4 years. As a founder of Kaafila, he brings together key skills like business acumen, problem-solving, creativity, decision making, business networking, and competence in computer science. He is responsible for assembling a team that can bring the Kaafila project vision to life, starting with an executive team that can oversee critical aspects of the project, as well as supporting Team Members who are responsible for project execution. Ethan is passionate about the crypto industry and its future, and has first hand experience in Bitcoin mining, and developing Crypto user communities. He has successfully predicted many key trends in advance, including the rise of Bitcoin and leading alt-coins like Algorand, Zilliqa, Chainlink and Uniswap. The Kaafila project will benefit immensely from his experience and insights.

Marc Vergara
Position: Lead Blockchain Developer
Being a front-end developer with 7 years of experience he has worked on various projects in the world. Working directly under the Blockchain department, Marc has developed the MVP of Kaafila. As a lead blockchain developer, he manages a team of 5 developers. He is also responsible for developing the creator dashboard, video player, top creator section, and improving the download and upload system using IPFS.

Dharani S.
Position: Project Manager
As a project manager, Dharani plays a lead role in planning, execution, monitoring, and controlling the works in Kaafila. She has been a part of our core team from the start and her efforts have helped in moving the Kaafila project from concept to reality, and we appreciate her contribution to Kaafila project.

Madhumitha Shree
Position: UI/UX designer
Madhu as a UX/UI Designer of Kaafila proved that she can solve problems, design solutions, and execute them to make a positive impact on a business. She has designed the UI for all our websites and worked on many graphics also. She has also tested those designs and studied the user experience, and we appreciate her contribution to Kaafila project.

Jack Sangster
Position: Blockchain Developer
Jack has worked as a web developer in various organizations for more than a year. He is familiar with both front-end and back-end technologies. He is responsible for user profile creation. Jack works on both front-end and back-end in Kaafila project, and we appreciate his contribution.

Maria Cristina Corona Ruiz
Position: Backend Developer
Maria has worked on various projects as a back-end developer. She works on creating CRUD operations (create, read, update, delete) for all categories. She also works on testing to check whether all endpoints are working as desired, and we appreciate her contribution to Kaafila project.

Somtochukwu Ikeonyia (Stella)
Position: Backend Developer
Stella is a forward-thinking software engineer with experience of working productively in dynamic environments. She is proficient in JavaScript and Typescript programming languages. Motivated to learn, grow and excel. Proud team player focused on achieving project objectives with speed and accuracy, and she works on the artists/media pages. We appreciate her contribution to Kaafila project.

Adam Natsheh
Position: Lead Graphic Designer
Adam is a freelance graphic designer with four years of experience. He has been doing NFT art for various cryptocurrency teams. As a lead graphic designer, he works on 2D, 3D animations. We appreciate his contribution, because we aim to develop NFT Marketplace in Kaafila project.

Rajat Kumar
Position: Social Media Marketing
Rajat is an expert in social media, and content creator with many creative ideas and who wants to succeed. He handles all the social media accounts and has contacts with all the content creators and users. As a new project, social media marketing is critical for our success, and we appreciate his contribution to Kaafila project.

Chinmay Shekatkar
Position: Blockchain Developer
From the age of 15 he was fascinated by blockchain so he tried mining using local GPU by joining pools. This fascination led to explore more on decentralized technologies with more than 1 year working experience on Hyperledger fabric. He has worked on smart contracts in Algorand for Kaafila, and we appreciate his contribution to Kaafila project.

Aditya Pawar
Position: React Developer
Aditya is a Computer Science major who is passionate about science and technology. As a React developer, and he has done various projects. He is also a blog writer. He works as a front-end developer for Kaafila, and we appreciate his contribution to Kaafila project.

In addition the above team members, many others have helped Kaafila project in different ways, and we are grateful for their contributions. Thanks.