Kaafila will deliver Free Education

Free education is a cornerstone for Kaafila project, and its one of the driving goals for our project. The KFL token was also designed keeping this as a top goal, to support and reward 100 million Users for participating and completing the free courses offered by Kaafila Courses system, which is under development currently, and it should go live in the coming quarter (July-Sep 2022) with the first set of initial courses. We will aim to make at least 5 courses live this year before Christmas. Some courses will be small and some will be comprehensive, but every course will aim to deliver useful skills, which can help in career progress or income generations. Kaafila Courses system will be integrated with the Kaafila Metaverse in the future. Professionals worldwide can become Educators with Kaafila, and teach thousands of students who will be coming from across the world. Both Educators and Students will earn KFL tokens.

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