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1. What is Kaafila? What does Kaafila aim to do?

Kaafila is a decentralized media and education platform built with blockchain technology of Algorand and IPFS. We are starting with a new video sharing platform, to offer a wide range of free courses, tests, certifications, and internships to our Users worldwide. Kaafila will support all forms of media including Video, Audio, Images, and Pdfs. Our Users & Team Members will earn Kaafila (KFL) tokens in return for their efforts to grow the project.

Kaafila will enable career growth for Users in multiple industries, starting with Software industry. Kaafila will also support a wide range of Independent Content Creators, in the areas of music, films, arts, crafts, sports, news, and will aim to promote their content, and create growth opportunities for them through our platform. Support for social causes is a major motivation for the team, and we believe that support for social causes will make Kaafila project truly successful, and enable worldwide adoption for KFL token.

2. Why Kaafila? What problems is Kaafila trying to address/solve?

Over 500 million people worldwide are facing low quality education that does not convert into reliable income. Many years of school and college spent on education that does not deliver gains. Even in professional education, there are very few options for practical training and internships in developing countries.

There are over 1 million searches per month on Google for various online courses with certifications, and over 500K searches per month for free online courses with certification on diverse subjects like: computer science, software programming, project mgmt, business mgmt, financial mgmt, financial markets, stock trading, crypto investing, teaching, arts, music, logistics, etc.

There is a huge unmet demand for free education with certification, internships, and career development, for utilizing the energy and talent of the youth in productive ways. Kaafila aims to make a positive impact on 100 million+ people over next 20 years.

3. What is the vision of Kaafila?

Our vision is to use our blockchain technology platform for delivering good quality education (mostly free) to students/youth worldwide — so that anybody can learn and earn, irrespective of their present economic condition — and we will reward merit and top performance with awards, scholarships, internships in KFL tokens. Kaafila aims to provide useful content with learning and growth opportunities, to help our Users progress in their career and life. We also want to encourage individual content creators, in all industries/niches, with best possible rewards for their content.

4. What are the focus areas of Kaafila?

The focus is on offering useful learning resources (free courses with tests and certificates, and internships), so that people worldwide can benefit irrespective of their  income level and background. The focus is also on creating a large network of people who want to learn constantly to progress in their career and life.

The following chart describes our focus areas. Each focus area will have its own team and goals, and each team will aim to achieve global recognition for its work.

5. What kind of innovations is Kaafila working on?

In addition to providing free education, certifications. and internships to millions of Users, Kaafila aims to create multiple innovations using software and blockchain. For example:

  • NFT Marketplace: Kaafila aims to develop and operate the largest NFT Marketplace, which will enable creative people worldwide to participate and grow. The groundwork for this project has started in Oct 2021.
  • Universal Payment System: Kaafila aims to develop a simplified “Universal Payment System” using a combination of KFL, ALGO, DOGE and USDT, having global reach and adoption, that is easy to use like PayPal, but with very low transaction costs and worldwide reach. The groundwork for this project has started in Nov 2021.
  • New Programming Language: Kaafila aims to create a new programming language (called CHIP) that is easy to learn and use, so that both adults across industries, and school children can easily do software programming, and develop new software applications that nobody has thought of yet! The groundwork for this project has started in Oct 2021. Please see this post to learn more. Kaafila Research Project: New Programming Language

6. Is the KFL token similar to Bitcoin in some ways?

There are two core concepts of Bitcoin, which have contributed to its success: (a) Pre-defined finite supply of tokens, and (b) Gradual release of tokens based on a “4 year halving schedule” with increasing complexity for mining as the percentage of tokens mined increases, so that the last 1% tokens will be the most difficult to mine, and they will come only after 24 years of the project start.

Kaafila has incorporated both these core concepts of Bitcoin in the KFL token. Therefore, Kaafila has adopted a “4 year halving schedule” like Bitcoin, so that KFL tokens will be released gradually over 20+ years, to ensure ongoing supply of KFL tokens to reward future efforts to grow the project. KFL tokens start date is 11 June 2021, so the first halving cycle will complete on 11 June 2025.

Total KFL token supply is finite and limited at 100 billion tokens, of which 50 billion tokens are locked, and will be released gradually over 20+ years (from 11 June 2025) with the efforts of Users and Team Members.

Tokens Released Timeframe
50% tokens will be released in first 4 years 2021-2025
25% tokens will be released in next 4 years 2025-2029
12.5% tokens will be released in next 4 years 2029-2033
6.25% tokens will be released in next 4 years 2033-2037
3.125% tokens will be released in next 4 years 2037-2041
96.875% tokens will be released in 20 years 2021-2041

This gradual release schedule has been adopted from Bitcoin, because it has demonstrated clear benefits of limited and controlled supply of tokens over a long period of time, and it will enable Kaafila project to achieve its long term goals of helping millions of people worldwide with education, career development, and support for social causes.

7. How many KFL tokens are there in total? What is the circulating supply?

Total KFL token supply is finite and limited at 100 billion tokens, of which 50 billion tokens are locked, and will be released gradually over 20+ years with the efforts of Users and Team Members, starting from 11 June 2025.

The current circulating supply is 50 billion tokens, which is the token supply of the first “4-year halving cycle” from June 2021 to June 2025. Of these 50 billion tokens, 20 billion tokens are available for release to various stakeholders between June 2021 and June 2022. Remaining 30 billion tokens will become available from June 2022 to June 2025 at the rate of 10 billion tokens per year.

To learn more about KFL Token Release Mechanism and Release Schedule, please see this page: https://kaafila.org/token/

8. How many Users does Kaafila (KFL) have currently? What kind of User base is possible?

Kaafila (KFL) has over 13,000 Users currently with new Users joining every week. We are seeing a strong demand from people worldwide to join our project. For example, over 25,000 people applied to become Users in just 4 days during Oct 2021 and it took us more than one month to process those applications!

Currently, Bitcoin (BTC) has the largest User base of about 39 millions Users, Algorand (ALGO) has about 14 million Users, and Dogecoin (DOGE) has about 4 million Users. Kaafila (KFL) may surpass them all because of the people-focused approach of this project, because Kaafila will offer free courses with certifications, internships, scholarships/awards in KFL tokens. We expect to help over 100 million of Users over next 10-20 years. Therefore, we believe that Kaafila will have one of the largest, if not the largest, User base among all blockchain projects.

Kaafila is still very young, but the response to following tweet can give you an idea of the User community we are building.

9. How is Kaafila unique compared to other blockchain/crypto projects?

Kaafila is unique because there is no comparable blockchain/crypto project, which merges blockchain technology, and Bitcoin core concepts, with human efforts over a 20+ year timeframe.

Kaafila’s motto is: “Knowledge for Lifetime” and the project is setup for long term. Over next 10-20 years, Kaafila aims to help over 100 million people with free courses, certificates, internships, scholarships/awards using KFL tokens.

If we have to think in terms of today’s leading sites, then Kaafila is a mix of LinkedIn, YouTube, and Udemy. But none of them have our focus on free education and career development of Users. Our inspiration comes from Bitcoin, so we have incorporated “4 year halving cycle” similar to Bitcoin, so that KFL tokens will be released gradually over 20+ years, to ensure enough supply of new KFL tokens to fund the project work even after 10 years. Total KFL token supply is finite and limited at 100 bn tokens (of which 50 bn tokens are locked currently, and will be released over 20+ years). This gradual token release schedule will provide support to KFL token price by ensuring that new token supply is always limited.

10. What kind of systems is Kaafila developing? What is the current state of project development?

The following diagram shows the key systems being developed in Kaafila project. In addition, there are auxiliary systems for User Registration, Token Management, and System Security.

Development Status Update: MVP and video sharing system will be completed in Dec 2021. Other key systems will start development from Dec’21 and Jan’22. NFT Marketplace is planned to go-live by end March 2022. “Courses system” can be completed by end-May 2022. Most of the system development work can be completed by end-June 2022, if necessary funds come by Jan 2022. Mobile App development will continue in phases till Dec 2022. Therefore, year 2022 is our main system development year, and we are currently arranging funds for the same. A sizeable part of the project development will complete with payment directly in Kaafila (KFL) tokens.

11. What kind of income and expenses will be there in Kaafila project? What is the economic model of Kaafila?

Income (Inflow) Expenditure (Outflow)
  • Income from Ads in Videos/App
  • Income from Social Media Services
  • Income from Paid Courses
  • Income from NFT Marketplace
  • Sale of NFTs developed inhouse
  • Tokens released from Reserve.
  • Income from Intellectual Property developed in Research projects
  • Income from Software developed by Team Members.
  • Rewards/Bonus payment to Users
  • Awards to Top-performers in Courses
  • Payment to Content/Course Creators
  • Payment to Team Members
  • Admin/ Project Operating Expenses
  • Scholarships for Research projects
  • Payment for Internships
  • Industry Events and Awards
  • Social Causes, including donations for deserving causes worldwide.

Customers will be paying for the products/services in KFL tokens, which will create ongoing demand for KFL tokens on the exchanges and swap sites, and that will provide avenues for our Users and Team Members to sell the KFL tokens they have earned from their efforts in the Kaafila project.

If there is surplus income in any year, it will be distributed among Users in a fair and transparent manner. Kaafila aims to close each year with zero net income, because the aim is not to accumulate capital, but to distribute it among our Users. To learn more, please see Section 14 (Project Economics) of the Kaafila Whitepaper.

12. How will Kaafila contribute to the society? What kind of social causes will Kaafila support?

Support for Social Causes is a major motivation for our team, and we believe that support for social causes will make Kaafila project truly successful, and enable worldwide adoption for KFL token. We aim to support a wide range of social causes worldwide, through our “Social Causes System”, which will enable Kaafila Team Members and Users to list and support social causes using KFL token. Most of these social causes will be related to providing food, education, healthcare, hope, and relief in emergency situations.

Kaafila aims to help millions of people worldwide with free education, certifications, internships, and scholarships, so that they can achieve their full potential in life. Kaafila will use KFL tokens for this work, and this will be our biggest contribution to the society.

Kaafila will also collaborate with NGOs and Social Workers worldwide to reach students and youth who need support, and who can be helped with education, and real life experience and encouragement that be given through internships with Kaafila project.

We will use our free education courses and scholarships to help children/youth from poor economic backgrounds, by forging partnerships with local entities/schools/social workers. Please see this post to learn more: Kaafila support for Social Causes

13. What is the link of Kaafila blockchain explorer?


14. What is the link for Kaafila whitepaper?

Please use this link to download the whitepaper.

15. What is the link for Kaafila pitchdeck?

Please use this link to download the pitchdeck.

16. Where can we see KFL token price, chart, market cap, etc?

Please see this link for KFL token price, chart, and market cap.

Please note that the above chart gives KFL token price in KFL/ALGO pair. Currently 1 ALGO ~ 1.8 USDT, so KFL/USDT price is about 1.8x of KFL/ALGO price. The main pair will be KFL/USDT on all exchanges. Kaafila project listing on Coinmarketcap.com will happen after KFL token is listed on 2-3 exchanges. Thanks.

17. Where can we buy KFL tokens? On which exchanges is KFL token listed?

KFL token is available at two place currently: (a) Tinyman.org, a swap site where you can swap ALGO or USDT into KFL tokens, and (b) Vindax.com, an exchange where you can buy KFL tokens with USDT. Please use the links below to reach these sites. Thanks.

  • Tinyman.org (tokens listed on 7 Oct 2021)
  • Vindax.com (token launch in progress, from 18 Nov to 26 Nov 2021)
  • Bankcex.com (token listing planned around 22 Dec 2021)

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