Kaafila Metaverse Overview

Kaafila Metaverse is a virtual world with Virtual Classrooms, Virtual Offices, Research Labs, Industry Parks (for Software, Biotech, Financial Services, Renewable Energy), Industry Events, and Virtual Travel. Kaafila Metaverse will combine AI and Blockchain Technology to create high engagement and innovation.

Top three focus areas of Kaafila Metaverse are:
(1) virtual learning (virtual classrooms, research labs)
(2) virtual working (virtual offices, industry parks, industry events/expos)
(3) virtual travel (virtual space travel, time travel)

1. Virtual Learning

Free education is a major goal for Kaafila project, and we want to help millions of Users to “learn for free and earn from anywhere”. Kaafila Metaverse will have virtual classrooms for delivering free courses to Users/students worldwide. The income from Kaafila Metaverse and blockchain apps will fund this goal of free education, and internships for top performers in the courses. Our initial set of free courses with certificates will be on topics of: Software programming, Entrepreneurship & Business management, and English language competency. These are the top 3 areas for learning based on our Users surveys.

In the initial versions, we will have human teachers, and but the future versions will have humanoids as teachers. These humanoids would have been learning in the same classrooms as students for 6-24 months, before reaching a level of competence to teach students. That will be a major milestone because then Kaafila Metaverse can offer 24×7 live classes to students worldwide. So the virtual classrooms will have heavy usage of AI. Each classroom will have ads on the boards/walls for monetization, and company executives can give a sponsored talk for 5 minutes in each class.

2. Virtual Working

Kaafila Metaverse will have elegant virtual offices for freelancers, consultants, startups, and small companies, at a tiny fraction of physical office rentals. Kaafila Expo will be like Dubai Expo, with industry events every month.

Virtual Offices in Kaafila Metaverse (everyone can have this office!)

Today’s high costs of renting a good looking office will be removed by the virtual offices in Kaafila Metaverse, and all professionals worldwide can present themselves and their work in an elegant way, irrespective of their location and economic background.

Just imagine, Fiverr alone has about 4 million freelancers working on their platform. Plus there are thousands of startups and small businesses worldwide that run from homes and garages — and they are all suitable candidates for using the low cost virtual offices in the Kaafila Metaverse.

We believe that Users of our Virtual Offices (freelancers, consultant, startups, etc) will use their Metaverse office address everywhere to invite their audience/customers for live meetings (potentially displacing LinkedIn URLs and Zoom meetings of today), because the virtual office can showcase their work in a much better way, using a combination of images, videos, and 3D designs.

Banking & Financial Services in Kaafila Metaverse

Kaafila Metaverse aims to offer significant innovation in banking and financial services, because our team has valuable experience in working with the BFSI sector, and we believe that Retail Banking, Mutual Funds, and Insurance industry are strong candidates for virtual operations inside Kaafila Metaverse. Needless to say, high security level and transparency of transactions will be achieved by using blockchain technology. In our vision, there will be a day in the future, when a leading bank will name one of their Humanoid Staff in Kaafila Metaverse as their “Employee of the Month”.

Software Development Center in Kaafila Metaverse

Following is a prototype of a Software Development Center (SDC) in Kaafila Metaverse, which can be modified significantly to suit the needs of software development companies. A future version of the SDC will include Humans and Humanoids, and software for Metaverse evolution will be developed inside the Metaverse!

Say Hello to the Humanoids of Kaafila Metaverse!

They will look like us, and they will work as Teachers, Traders, Coaches, Consultants, Software Developers, Journalists, Bloggers, Bankers, Accountants, Insurance Agents, Real Estate Agents, etc. They will live and work in the metaverse. Kaafila Metaverse will have Humans and Humanoids working together, with respect and without discrimination.

3. Virtual Travel

Virtual Travel (involving space travel and time travel) is also a key part of our vision for Kaafila Metaverse, but its the most complex to implement, because we have to develop significant new understanding about different outer space locations, and places of other times/eras, and then try to implement it using 3D designs. But we will try!

Islands near District 1 (Virtual Travel, Offsite Camps)

Space Travel (Virtual Travel)

Mars Buggy (Virtual Space Travel)
These apps require significant understanding of Computer Science, AI, Astrophysics and 3D design, not easy, but worth trying, because we can give space travel experience to millions of people, who can’t afford space shuttles. Maybe, Kaafila team will be there on Mars to welcome the SpaceX crew!

Kaafila Metaverse Maps

Kaafila Metaverse has 10 districts that will be developed over 20 years. Only District 1 and District 2 will be developed till 2025. District 2 metaverse lands will be available after 25% of District 1 metaverse lands are sold, AND after 50% of the planned development in District 1 is completed. The plan is to develop D1 nicely before going to D2, so that other developers and companies can come on board fully and start developing their projects inside D1 of Kaafila Metaverse, and then we can focus on developing D2 with its own focus areas.

Kaafila Metaverse – Aerial View

Kaafila Metaverse – District 1 (D1) is the large island at the center of the metaverse.
Within D1, the small island on the north-west is reserved for Kaafila Space Travel projects, and few other strategic projects that benefit from its location. People can visit that island for tours, and experience virtual space travel.

Each district will have focus areas for innovation & growth.

We will use District 1 to showcase the various possibilities with the metaverse for virtual learning, virtual working, virtual travel, and then use the remaining nine districts to expand on specific themes. District 1 will get maximum development over the next 3 years, till 2025. A detailed roadmap/plan for all ten districts will be shared by end-July 2022.

Kaafila Industry Parks

Kaafila Metaverse will have Industry Parks for Software, Biotech, Renewable Energy, Biotech, and Financial Services — to showcase products/innovations from both startups and large companies worldwide.

1. Kaafila Software Engineering Park
2. Kaafila Biotech Research Park
3. Kaafila Renewable Energy Park
4. Kaafila Financial Services Park

Following are some details of our plan regarding industry parks.

Kaafila Renewable Energy Park

Kaafila Renewable Energy Park will invite renewable energy companies, researchers, scientists and engineers worldwide to showcase their ideas, concepts, innovations, and solutions. Some of the innovative concepts/projects can also get grants in KFL tokens to advance their research.

For example, District 7 has the largest area in Kaafila Metaverse, but we don’t plan to sell any metaverse land in District 7 because we want to dedicate it completely to nature, conservation of natural ecosystems, water harvesting techniques (very critical in coming years), renewable energy parks, etc. All renewable energy companies can showcase their products/solutions/systems in this large spacious district that is dedicated to preserving the natural ecosystems of our planet Earth.

Floating Solar Panels

Floating Solar Panels are now being deployed worldwide (it was still a concept few years ago). We don’t know where the next big innovation will come from. For example, we know that solar energy alone is enough to power all of Earth’s daily needs, but how do we harness this huge amount of solar energy is an effective way to transport it the areas of high demand? Kaafila Renewable Energy Park will try to contribute in this direction by providing a dedicated space and some incentives for such efforts. We hope that people worldwide who believe in renewable energy will support and participate in the Kaafila project.

Many possibilities for innovation!
Imagine visiting a Tesla factory inside Kaafila Metaverse, to see the production of their latest EV model, speaking with one of their engineers, and then going for a test drive in the nearby hills (maybe a self driving car), and if you really like the experience and want to buy, then you can also place a buy order right there inside the Kaafila Metaverse!

Virtual World in the making…

Kaafila Metaverse is developing a virtual world with economic centers like “New NYC” and “New Dubai” – a virtual world with no passports, no visas; just based on merit, hard work, and integrity.

“New Dubai” in Kaafila Metaverse

This new city will promote international business and trade, and it will also have educational institutions that will offer useful education for free to people worldwide. We believe that many like-minded people, and foundations will support us in this endeavor. The above 3D image will be implemented in Kaafila Metaverse, and metaverse lands marked for development of New Dubai will be available on sale on OpenSea, so that other developers/investors can also participate in its growth.

“New NYC” in Kaafila Metaverse

“New NYC” will be a business hub in District 1 of Kaafila Metaverse, and we expect many leading companies and startups to open their virtual offices here. “New NYC” will promote international business, financial services, software products/services, biotech, and renewable energy from inside the metaverse. We may also have “Kaafila Expo” in this virtual city. The above 3D image will be implemented in Kaafila Metaverse, and metaverse lands marked for development of New NYC will be available on sale on OpenSea, so that other developers/investors can also participate in its growth.

“New Manhattan” in Kaafila Metaverse

New Manhattan will be the financial hub in District 1 of Kaafila Metaverse, and we expect many leading banks and financial companies to open their virtual offices here. It will promote international business and financial services. The above 3D image will be implemented in Kaafila Metaverse, and metaverse lands marked for development of New Manhattan will be available on sale on OpenSea, so that other developers/investors can also participate in its growth.

Virtual life is an integral part of the metaverse. The ability to create realistic meeting places for learning and work, and realistic family gatherings is a huge motivation for us. The benchmark is very high for achieving realistic setups, especially human faces, and it will take a few iterations to get virtual life that looks real. We will use MetaHuman app by Unreal Engine to create realistic humans inside the metaverse. At some point, we won’t be able to tell real from unreal – that’s the vision for Kaafila Metaverse.

Virtual Living & Meetings: Following is a simple family cottage or guest house in Kaafila Metaverse, located near to the beach. Its built on a small size plot of Kaafila Metaverse (400 m2 area). It’s difficult to imagine today, but with photo-realistic human avatars, this family cottage or guest house can create an almost realistic meeting of family and friends from different physical locations.

In District 1 of Kaafila Metaverse, about 50% metaverse land is allocated for plots of various sizes, and 50% is allocated for public places, parks, forests, and projects related to natural ecosystems.

Kaafila Metaverse is under development currently.

Here’s an actual image from zone F24 in District 1, with Yalda, the first person in the metaverse.

Here’s the first video from Kaafila Metaverse under development, showing F24 estate plot in District 1.
Kaafila Metaverse will be photo realistic, with real life places and people, and a strong focus on virtual education and virtual business.

F24 – Estate Land in Kaafila Metaverse, District 1

The above video shows an Estate Land in the Zone F24 in District 1 of Kaafila Metaverse, with an area of 15,500 m2 or 3.83 acres. This is a large seafront/beachfront land with high visibility, and the only land in its zone. This Estate land is ideal to build a virtual guest house, virtual offices, theme park or anything else you want to build on a land with a large seafront. There are a limited number of such Estate lands, making it ideal for investment as Metaverse Land because a lot of development is planned in the nearby zones within District 1.  Here’s the listing for F24 on OpenSea.



Metaverse Land Sale

Developers and Investors who are interested in buying land in the metaverse, can buy Kaafila Metaverse Land NFTs to participate in the growth of our metaverse project over the next 20 years. District 1 will be our main showcase district, and we believe it will grow like Dubai. Very few projects are working with such a long range plan, and the potential appreciation in Kaafila Metaverse lands is difficult to imagine today. Please see the full collection of metaverse lands for sale here: https://opensea.io/collection/kaafila-metaverse

Plots of various sizes from 400 m2 (0.1 acre) to 25 acres, something for everyone!

For example, here’s a large (XL) size plot in the Zone B14 in District 1 of Kaafila Metaverse, with an area of 3200 m2 or about 0.8 acres. With a forest of pine trees around and a lake nearby, this is plot is large enough to build your virtual guest house or farm house, or vacation cottage, or virtual office, or anything else you want to build in a calm place with a forest around.

Such large plots are ideal for investment as Metaverse Land NFT, because lot of development is planned in the nearby zones in District 1.

Another example. Here’s a small plot in the Zone G18 in District 1 of Kaafila Metaverse, with an area of 400 m2 or about 0.1 acre. With a forest of pine trees around and with road for every plot, this plot can be used to build your virtual family home, or vacation cottage, or virtual office.

At below $50, this small plot (400 m2, or 0.1 acre) is a very affordable option to buy Metaverse Land NFT, because a lot of development is planned in the nearby zones in District 1.

Kaafila Metaverse land buyers will get access to develop projects on their respective lands once the metaverse is launched for public usage, which is planned by Q4,2023. Thanks.


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