Why Kaafila?

Content providers have no choice but to choose the existing alternative pay-to-use low revenue model. In fact, many Content providers have taken their stance against the pay-to-use model by pulling tracks out of streaming services as a way to send a message. Unfortunately, this often results in friction between content users and content providers. Content users today have to manage their accounts in multiple sites/platforms, while Content providers struggle for fair compensation.

Kaafila will empower Independent Content providers and aim to reward them better, and promote them better, so that the large number of new voices and opinions of people worldwide are visible more clearly than today.

We also believe that sites operating with short-form videos that are mostly light-hearted content, will not be able to make a long term impact, and they will also not be a competition to Youtube. Copying of content is rampant in such sites, and it finally harms genuine content creators. Kaafila with its blockchain based content storage and distribution can block content piracy, and it can be a significant attraction for Content Providers/Creators once we reach a critical mass of Users, somewhere in the range of 1-10 million Users.