What is Kaafila Metaverse?

Kaafila Metaverse has three focus areas: Virtual Learning, Virtual Working, and Virtual Travel. If you are interested in investing in the future of work and innovative learning systems, then Kaafila is the ideal project for you.

There will be Virtual Classrooms, Virtual Offices, Research Labs, Industry Parks for Renewable Energy and Biotech, Industry Expos/Exhibitions, and Virtual Travels, including space travel.

Following are a few examples of how the Kaafila Metaverse will look from inside. The following virtual office can be used by free lancers and startups at a very small monthly rental fee.

Kaafila Metaverse has 10 districts that will be developed over 20 years.
Only District 1 and District 2 will be developed till 2025.
District 1 is our showcase district, so we want to develop it with best efforts over next 3 years.
We believe that District 1 will develop into a hub for education, innovation, and tech startups.

Kaafila Metaverse – Top View

Kaafila Metaverse – Aerial View

Kaafila Metaverse – District 1 / D1 (the island at the center of the metaverse)

Developers and Investors who are interested in buying land in the metaverse, can buy Kaafila Metaverse Land NFTs to participate in the growth of our metaverse project over the next 20 years. District 1 will be our main showcase district, and we believe it will grow like Dubai. Very few projects are working with such a long range plan, and the potential appreciation in Kaafila Metaverse lands is difficult to imagine today. Please see the full collection of metaverse lands for sale here: https://opensea.io/collection/kaafila-metaverse

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