Kaafila Avian World Series

“Kaafila Avian World Series” (KAWS) will feature 1000 birds from across the world, with conservation status ranging from least concern to endangered species. There will be 1000 NFTs (cards) for each bird. The goal of this project is to increase awareness about birds and their ecosystems, and a part of NFT sales will go towards helping birds and conservation of nature, including release of birds trapped in cages, and for increasing awareness of people against trafficking of birds. We should let all these beautiful birds fly freely in their natural habitat, and conserve their natural ecosystems. The collectors of these bird NFTs will get some bonus/rewards from time to time, as their collection increases.


Please save this page because we will share the details of a game for NFT collectors, that will be based on the Kaafila Avian World Series (KAWS).

This NFT series is now live on ab2gallery.


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  1. This is a very good project both for educational purposes and for bird/wildlife conservation.

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