Kaafila Project Summary- 11Dec2021

Kaafila is a decentralized media and education platform built with blockchain technology of Algorand and IPFS, to deliver a wide range of free courses, tests, certifications, and internships to Users worldwide. Kaafila will support all forms of media including Video, Audio, Images, and Pdfs.

Kaafila is setup for 20+ years with “finite token supply and 4-year halving schedule” like Bitcoin, and our Users and Team Members will earn Kaafila (KFL) tokens for their efforts to operate and grow the project.

Kaafila is developing a portfolio of software/blockchain apps and innovations. For example, Decentralized Video sharing app for Independent Content Creators, NFT Marketplace, Universal Payment System, Metaverse for Virtual Learning, and a New Programming Language (CHIP).

Kaafila’s motto is: “Knowledge for Lifetime”. Over the next 20 years, Kaafila aims to help over 100 million people with free courses, certificates, internships, scholarships, and awards using the KFL token. The focus is on offering useful education, so that people worldwide can benefit irrespective of their current income level and background. The focus is also on creating a large network of people who are constantly learning to progress in their career and life.

Support for Social Causes is very important for Kaafila team, and we believe that such efforts will make Kaafila project truly successful, and enable worldwide reach for KFL token. To learn more, please visit: https://kaafila.org/faq/