How will Kaafila support Social Causes?

Support for Social Causes is a key driver and major motivation for Kaafila team, and we believe that it’s the support for social causes that will make Kaafila project truly successful, and enable worldwide adoption for KFL token.

We will aim to support a wide range of social causes worldwide, through our “Social Causes System”, which will be developed over next 6 months, and it should become live during first half of year 2022. This system will enable Kaafila Team members and Users to list and support social causes using KFL token.

We believe that most of the social causes will be linked to providing food, education, healthcare, hope, and relief in emergency/distress situations. There is a lot of work to do worldwide, and we really want to make our contribution.

We want to use our free education courses for the benefit of children in poor and developing countries, by forging partnerships with local entities/schools/social workers. We expect to support multiple projects related to children, for their health, education and safety. We also plan to work with Veterans support groups, to provide motivating job opportunities to Veterans to advance our effort in various social projects. Social Causes will be supported and managed by our “Trust & Safety” team.

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