How to Upload a Video on Kaafila?

Kaafila aims to support Independent Content Creators worldwide. Content Creators will earn KFL tokens for each second of the video watched by Users, unlike other video sites, which give you credits/payment only on full views of your videos, and they also require certain minimum number of subscribers for eligibility to get payments. Kaafila does not have such restrictions. You will earn KFL tokens from your first video onwards even if you no subscribers to start with. Thanks.

How to Upload a Video on Kaafila?
1. Open this link in your browser:
2. Click on Profile Icon and Register.
3. After Registration is successful, you can login with email and password.

4. After successful login, you will need to connect with your MyAlgo wallet. If you don’t have this already, then please do the steps as per this link to create your MyAlgo wallet. This wallet will store the KFL tokens that you will earn from your videos, so its important to do this step correctly.

5. If you have already created wallet, click on “Connect Wallet” button, a pop-up will appear, click on “MyAlgoWallet”.

5. Again a pop-up will appear for signing the transaction, use same password which you have for your MyAlgo wallet and click “Connect” button.

6. From a new pop-up, Select account and click “Connect”.
7. Its done! Now you are ready to upload a video.

8. Scroll down and on left menu you will see “Upload Media”.
9. Enter all details for the video: Title, Description, Select Category, select mp4, and click “upload”.
10. After upload is complete, it will ask you to sign the transaction, after successful signing, please wait for a minute, and it will show successful upload. Thanks.